Tips and tools for working efficiently from home 🏡

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Today, remote working has become normal for freelancers. In fact, 90% of the assignments posted by crème de la crème since the beginning of 2023 contained at least 1 day of telecommuting per week.

✅ How to avoid distractions and stay efficient from home?
✅ How to work as a team and manage remotely?
✅ What's the ideal workspace configuration?


To answer these questions, we have invited :

Aurelia De Luca: Trainer and Coach in organization and productivity
➡️ Aurelia will explain how to combat distractions at home and develop your efficiency.

Yann Klein: Cross-functional project manager, MOA / MOE and interim manager
➡️ Yann will give us some feedback on the configuration of his workspace and his method of working remotely as part of a team.


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