General terms of use freelancers

1. Purpose

2. Operator of the site and services

3. Acceptance of the general conditions

4. Access to services

5. Description of the services

5.1. Provision of the site

5.2. Profile page

5.3. Technical support

5.4. The missions

5.4.1 The mission statement

5.4.2 Carrying out the assignment

5.4.3 Client request for early termination of an assignment already started

5.4.4 Extension or cancellation of the mission

5.4.5 Assessment of the mission

5.5 Other services

6. Financial conditions

7. Duration

8. Freelancer's obligations and liability

9. Freelance guarantees

10. Obligations and liability of CRÈME DE LA CRÈME

11. Insurance

12. Intellectual Property

13. Personal data

14. Privacy

15. Intuitu personae

16. Lack of exclusivity

17. Social regulations

18. Termination

19. Applicable law and jurisdiction

General terms and conditions of customer use

1. Purpose

2. Operator of the site and services, contact

3. Access to Services

4. Description of the Services

4.1 Provision of the Site

4.2 Technical support

4.3 Other Services

5. Ordering Missions and accepting the general conditions

6. Implementation of the Mission

6.1 Performance of the Assignment by the Freelancer

6.2 Cancellation of the Mission

6.2.1 On the Customer's initiative

6.2.2 At the initiative of the Freelancer

6.3 Request by the Client for the premature termination of a Mission already started

6.4 Extension of the Mission

6.5 Replacement of the Freelancer during the Mission

6.6 Assessment of the Mission

7. Assignment of intellectual property rights

8. Duration

9. Financial conditions

9.1 Award of the Mission

9.2 Invoicing and payment

9.3 Late and non-payment

10. Obligations and guarantees of the Client

11. Obligations and liability of CRÈME DE LA CRÈME

12. Termination for default

13. Privacy

14. Protection of personal data

15. Social regulations

16. Applicable law and jurisdiction


Specific conditions for the processing of personal data

1. Characteristics of the treatment

2. Obligations of CREAM OF CREAM

3. Obligations of the Customer

Professional liability insurance

Your missions are covered by professional liability insurance underwritten by crème de la crème

What is covered by the professional liability policy taken out by crème de la crème ?

Personal data

Data collection


Legal information

Editing the website

Website host

Respect for intellectual property