Cybersecurity: protecting your information system

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Cybersecurity has been at the heart of the news in recent months, with the theft of data from France Travail in early March taking center stage.

✅ Who's behind it and why?

✅ What types of attack should you be wary of?

✅ How can you protect yourself and your customers?

That's what the guests on the next crème de la crème live show will be telling us:Dominique Bleus, cybersecurity strategy consultant, and Kévin Descoubes, IT security specialist and founder of the Kernl agency!

To talk about this topic, they will :

1️⃣ Based on recent news items that have affected the general public...

2️⃣ ... to cover cyber topics such as pentesting, dev security, ransomware, BCP and DRP plans, reverse engineering, etc.

📆 It's happening on Thursday, April 25 between 12pm and 1pm and places are limited, so register early!


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