Developing tech projects with AI 🦾

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Generative AI is at the heart of conversations and tech projects

This can be seen in the crème de la crème community, with an increase in AI-related discussions, missions and projects.

✅ What is the structure of the AI market today?

✅ How are businesses and products affected?

✅ How to develop an AI-based project?

That's what the guests on the next crème de la crème live show will tell us:

Nicolas Marchais: AI expert and co-founder of millefeuille

➡️ Nicolas and his team will explain the structure of the AI market and give us feedback on their technical stack.

Clément Robin: Freelance AI developer

➡️ Clément will explain how to develop AI projects with the Langchain framework.

📆 It takes place on Tuesday, October 31 between 12pm and 1pm and places are limited, so register in advance.


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