Develop your personal branding as a freelancer 📣

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To succeed as a freelancer, you need more than just technical skills.

You have to know how to sell yourself, how to stand out, how to create opportunities... 🚀

✅ How do you start communicating when you're self-employed?

✅ What can you do to get noticed by your target audience?

✅ How to be credible to attract prospects?

That's what the guests on the next crème de la crème live show will tell us:

Juliette Cadot: Communications strategy expert

➡️ Juliette will tell us what personal branding has changed for her (spoiler: a lot!) and how to implement it.

Ben Jung: Brand Designer & Strategist

➡️ Ben will explain how to create a minimal visual identity for your freelance project.

📆 It happens on Thursday, December 14 between 12pm and 1pm and places are limited so register in advance here:


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