E-commerce : Loyalty vs. Acquisition

webinar #

In a context of increasing acquisition costs, it is important to put in place solutions to maximize retention in order to preserve your e-commerce sales!

2 solutions to be explored:

1️⃣ CRM: message automation and scenario optimization

2️⃣ Repeat: the development of repeat and cross-selling strategies

These are the 2 topics that will be discussed in our next webinar, and to talk about them we have invited :

👉 Damien Renaud: Group Product Manager @ ManoMano

👉 Giulio Lorenzini: Ex-CMO & Founder @ Levitum Paris


➡️ Automatic mail optimization and its boundaries by Giulio Lorenzini

➡️ The repeat strategy in the omni-channel approach by Damien Renaud

Registration: https://app.getcontrast.io/register/creme-de-la-creme-e-commerce-fidelisation-vs-acquisition


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