Freelance investing πŸ’°

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What to do with your cash flow when you're self-employed? πŸ’°


Being a freelancer means generating turnover, and above all, distributing this income intelligently to manage inter-contracts, plan for the future, and even create even more income for yourself!


βœ… How to value your cash flow when you are self-employed?

βœ… In which media is it worth investing?

βœ… What are the specifics of corporate finance?


That's what we're going to talk about in our next webinar and to answer those questions, we've invited :


Charlotte Thameur: Director of Consulting at Yomoni (leader in online savings management) and former wealth management consultant

➑️ Charlotte is going to talk to us about corporate cash management.


Tony BerthomΓ©: B2B Growth Expert and investor

➑️ Tony will give us a feedback on his investment projects as an independent, and how he has built up a diversified portfolio.


πŸ“† It's happening Tuesday, April 18 between 12-1pm and space is limited so register early!


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