Start a freelance side-project 🧪

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When you're a freelancer, you sell your time to develop other people's projects.

For many, the temptation to set up their own project is strong. For scaling or for passion.

✅ How to launch a freelance side-project?

✅ Which types of project are the most interesting?

✅ What's the best way to combine 2 activities?

That's what the guests on the next crème de la crème live show will tell us:

Flavie Prévot Freelance expert who has set up her own media outlet, Le Board.

➡️ Flavie has set up several types of side-projects, including Le Board with a paid newsletter and a sponsored podcast.

Pierre Guilbaud Freelance Growth, founder of the Marketing Flow community

➡️ Pierre combines his freelance activity at €72K ex-VAT per year with the co-creation of a community at €140K ex-VAT.

An interactive online event where you can put your questions directly to the guests.

It takes place on Tuesday, September 19 between 12pm and 1pm, and places are limited, so register early!


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