AIs at the service of freelancers 🤖

webinar #

AIs (ChatGPT and others) allow freelancers to save a lot of time and creativity.

✅ How exactly do these tools work?

✅ What opportunities do they allow for freelancers?

✅ What are their limitations?

To answer these questions, an introduction to ChatGPT, AIs and their limits, then useful uses for freelancers:

➡️ Facilitating content creation

➡️ Organize your time and increase your productivity

➡️ Create an app and generate code (SQL, Python, JS...)

To discuss these topics, we have invited :

👉 Orane Massias: Founder @ Tropical Digital and host of the podcast "Orane talks to you from the web"

👉 Maxim Poulsen: Automation, Data & Operations Nerd, host of the Growth Talks podcast and Lead Growth @ Contrast

📆 It's happening Tuesday, Feb. 28 between 1 and 2 p.m.


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