Optimizing your freelance business with AI

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The complexity of freelancing lies in the fact that you need to develop skills in a whole host of other areas: communication, sales, organization, accounting, etc.

However, with the development of AI tools, freelancers now have the option of being assisted with all those tasks that are not part of their core business.

✅ What uses can you put in place to optimize your business?

✅ How do you create a truly effective personal assistant?

✅ In practical terms, how does it work?

With a focus on :

1️⃣ Optimizing personal branding, prospecting and the sales funnel

2️⃣ The creation of a live wizard from A to Z, which you can easily replicate for yourself.

To explain all this, we have invited :

➡️ Romain Quechon: Expert Growth B2B / AI / Automation & Founder @The World of AI

➡️ Arthur Brunswick: Growth & AI expert specialized in app and media

It takes place on Thursday, June 6 between 12pm and 1pm, and places are limited, so register early!


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